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The Bowen Student Council


The Bowen Student Council

Student-councillors-Welcoming-Our-Taiwan-Exchange-Students-With-a-Smile.jpgThe Bowen Student Council (BSC) is an important platform to nurture future leaders as it aims to develop confident student leaders who demonstrate school values whilst being in service to the school and the community. 

Student councillors are given multiple opportunities to hone their leadership skills by assisting in organising various events, such as Secondary 1 Orientation and Teachers’ Day Celebrations. 

The councillors also help to serve the school by doing daily council duties and provide support during key school events such as Speech Day and Meet Parent Sessions.

Leadership Activities

One of the ways student leaders grow and test their mettle is when they are put in situations that demand them to step out of their comfort zones and face the challenges ahead. These challenges can, come in the form of learning how to organise activities for themselves and others and, provide them the opportunity to figure out the complexities and considerations to make events successful.

The Council Camp is one such example where councillors are thrust into situations to learn key leadership skills. Taking the lead to organise the camp, the student councillors plan activities during the camp that focuses on developing teamwork and self-confidence. These camps are typically held during the June school holidays. 
Other events that the student councillors have organised include public speaking workshops and outdoor team-building and team bonding activities.

14th Bowen Student Council Investiture

This year’s Bowen Student Council Investiture saw Nanddika’s EXCO handing over the Council Leadership to the 14th Council EXCO, headed by Jaasir and his team. 

While we also showed our appreciation and bade farewell to the Secondary 4 Councillors during the Investiture, we look forward to an exciting journey with the next batch of councillors, who will continue to lead and serve the school to the best of their ability.

14th Bowen Student Council Leaders

Head of Student Council – Muhammad Jaasir 
Vice Head – Renee Tan, Chris Akash Apollo 
Division Heads – Audrey Tan, Noorul Faseeha, Goh Ting Xuan

  1. Mdm Sharifah Kamelia
  2. Mr Randy Low
  3. Ms Clara Chan
  4. Ms Estelle Chong
  5. Ms Shameera