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Student Leadership



In line with our school vision of developing every Bowenian to be a passionate leader, we aim to develop confident student leaders who demonstrate the school values in service to the school and community.  

Bowen student leaders are expected to be courageous leaders who have the desire to make a difference and are willing to take consistent, persistent actions to further their cause. As role models in the school, student leaders are expected to set good examples, thereby influencing their peers through their actions.


In Bowen, there are 3 main groups of student leaders – Class Leaders, CCA Leaders and Student Councillors.

  • Class Leaders: At the start of the year, every class in Bowen will appoint 2 students who will serve as Class Leaders for the year. The Class Leaders will work closely with their Form Teachers to be the bridge between the teachers and the class, as well as foster good relationships within the class and encourage everyone to aim high.

  • cca-leaders.jpgCCA Leaders: Each CCA in Bowen is led by 2 CCA Leaders (e.g. Captain & Vice-Captain, or Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson) who will serve their CCA from Secondary 3 to 4.  For some CCAs, students will also have the opportunity to serve as leaders at the Lower Secondary Level.  Besides working with CCA Teachers to lead and organize the CCA in the planning and conducting of activities, CCA Leaders also play an important role in promoting teamwork and motivating the CCA towards achieving their goals.

  • 14th-Student-Council-small.jpgStudent Councillors: Student Councillors are appointed at Secondary 2 or 3, after going through a rigorous selection process which includes interviews, observations and a probation period.  Besides planning key events such as Secondary 1 Orientation and Teachers’ Day Celebrations, Student Councillors also serve the school by doing daily duties and providing support for programs within school.  As leaders selected to represent the student population, they play a key role in leading by example, to influence and inspire the school to serve to the best of their ability.

Leadership Development

Leadership development in Bowen takes a two-tiered approach – school-wide and customised.

  • We believe that it is important for every student to pick up basic leadership skills (e.g. communication, building confidence).  We conduct school-wide programmes to equip students with these basic skills. For example, all Sec 2 and Sec 3 students will have the opportunity to go through a leadership workshop (aligned to the Leadership Challenge Model) during Bowen Fiesta.  Through other programmes such as Level Camps and VIA, students also have the chance to pick up important skills and values and lead in serving the school and community.

  • Customised leadership development is also carried out for the various groups of student leaders who may need more development specifically for their roles. The school provides support in this area in various ways:

Training & Development:

Each group of student leaders will have their own leadership development programmes that cater to their needs. For example, Class Leaders will go through a training workshop and there are feedback sessions and conversations with teachers to help develop them. Uniformed Group CCA Leaders may be required to attend specific training courses related to their rank.

Leadership Opportunities:

Many student leaders are given the opportunity to plan activities for their peers such as class bonding activities, CCA camps and school-led events for the school population. Students also given the opportunity to go out of school for training or exposure (e.g. Outward Bound School for CCA Leaders and Post National Day Rally Dialogue for Student Councillors)


Class Leader Appointment Ceremony
Class Leader Appointment Ceremony

In terms of recognition, student leaders are recognised at various platforms. For example, Class Leaders are given badges and a Letter of Appointment during the annual Class Leaders Appointment Ceremony.

Student Councillors are appointed officially during the Student Council Investiture, where guests from other schools are also invited for the prestigious ceremony.