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Language learning goes beyond mastering the mechanics of a language. It is the art of weaving the delicate threads of words and phrases to produce an elaborate tapestry of emotions, convictions and persuasion. 

The objective of the department is to raise young individuals who are able to confidently and eloquently express their views and convictions. We hope that our young charges will not only be able to use their voice to find success in life but also lend their voice to the marginally challenged. Every year, our students step up to the challenge and seize the various opportunities open to them to hone their craft.

The following are some school-based activities that happen throughout the year:

Bowen English Week

Held annually, Bowen’s English Week is a dedicated week-long celebration of the English language based on a specific theme. From quizzes to drama performances, the many English-related activities organised are designed to help our students be fruitfully engaged and actively involved. Through these activities, we hope our students will have a better appreciation of how the English language has evolved to our present-day language and the relevance of learning the English language today.

Oratorical Presentations during Morning Assembly

Public speaking to peers during morning assembly.
Public speaking to peers during morning assembly.
The oratorical presentations during morning assembly is a platform designed specifically to help students gain confidence in speaking publicly to a large audience. 

Various classes take turns to give a short presentation on topics ranging from idiomatic expressions to word etymology, during morning assemblies to encourage their peers to widen their vocabulary.

E-mazing Race

English is more than meets the eye @ E-mazing Race
English is more than meets the eye @ E-mazing Race
A perennial favorite, the E(English)-mazing Race is a post-examination activity held during Bowen Fiesta for Secondary Two students. 

Students race one another in groups around the school to take part in language learning activities at various designated stations.

Literature Learning Journeys

Bowenians enjoying "Shakespeare in the Park" at Fort Canning Park
Bowenians enjoying "Shakespeare in the Park" at Fort Canning Park
Literature Learning Journeys provide students with authentic experiences of how literature can come alive. By experiencing the magic and the richness of stage performances, students learn to better connect with the text that they are reading. 

Whenever possible, students will have the opportunity to experience literature on the stage such as Animal Farm, Forbidden City and Peer Pleasure.

Inter-School Competitions

Bowenians doing well in the national oratorical competitions
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Bowen actively trains and sends our students from different streams and levels, to participate in various inter-school oratorical competitions, and events. In recent years, our students have done well in their respective competitions and events.

Our Bowenians won the National Public Speaking Competition in 2016 and also clinched the 2nd runner-up (upper secondary) and top 16 (lower secondary) at the national-level Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) in 2017.

Having fun at the National Choral reading Competition.
Having fun at the National Choral reading Competition.
At the National Schools Literature Festival, our team of Secondary 2 Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) students choreographed their own presentation for the Choral Reading competition. Our Secondary 3 Literature students took part in the Literature debates, with one team winning the Unseen Poetry debate.

Summary of Key Activities

LifELitAn oratorical programme for lower secondary
English WeekA celebration of English Language learning
Fun with EnglishPresentations by students
E-mazing RaceA post-examination activity Word-based games
Literature Learning JourneyTheatre visits
Oratorical Competitions

Both intra-school and inter-school competitions on oratorical presentation or Literature presentation or debate