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Applied Learning & Learning for Life Programmes in Bowen

Applied Learning refers to an approach that emphasizes authentic and practice-oriented learning experiences and is not necessarily restricted to vocational or technical education. It gives students additional opportunities to acquire skills and qualities based on the practical application of knowledge in real-world contexts, and strongly supports our focus on developing 21st century competencies and values in our students.

Our Programme

Applied Learning Programme
The Applied Learning Programme in Bowen helps Bowenians appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in the academic curriculum to the real world, and develop stronger motivation and purpose to acquire knowledge and skills. The emphasis is on the application of thinking skills, integrating knowledge across subject disciplines, stretching the imagination and applying these in real-world settings in society and industries. In Bowen, one of the key areas of focus for our ALP is Business and Entrepreneurship.

Learning For Life Programme
The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) provides Bowenians with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self-expression and strengthen their people skills. Bowen's focus on LLP is to develop Community and Youth Leadership in our students.

These aspects of Applied Learning are part of the Bowen's signature Bowen ChANgeMakers programme.

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