AForte is a Bowen signature programme designed to cater to the holistic development of students from the Normal stream.


Coined from the word "Forte - a talent/skill in which a person excels in", our AForte programme aims to ensure that students are engaged in classroom learning, enthusiastic to attend school and most importantly, to broaden their learning experiences.  AForte provides a range of meaningful activities to help them maximise their potential and discover their interests and talents.

AForte encourages students to work on the following 4 key areas:
  • Attitude (values and character), 
  • Attendance (both daily lessons and CCA), 
  • Academic performance (studies and grades) and 
  • Aspirations (target post-secondary course and ambition).

Key Learning Activities

Our programme includes 3 key learning activities:

  1. Building self – students attend multi-week programmes to help them develop the necessary life skills to recognize and manage emotions, make responsible and thoughtful decisions and establish positive relationships with others. Lower secondary classes are involved in The Scaffold Programme which focuses on building healthy and encouraging relationships within the class. The Beauty Unravelled Programme caters to female students and helps them to discover their inner beauty. 

  2. Discovering strengths and building interest – students attend annual Sports Discovery programmes to experience and explore different sports such as bowling, kin ball, fencing, golf and unarmed self-defence techniques (Muay Thai). From Sec 1 to Sec 4, students will experience up to 4 Sports Discovery sessions.  Students also attend the Experience ITE Programme to expose them to the wide variety of courses and learning opportunities offered at ITE, both full-time and apprenticeship programmes.

  3. Exploring career options – students attend Elective Modules (EM) conducted in school and at ITE, for a variety of areas including Aeronautics, E-Entrepreneurship, Food Science Culinary, Photography and Mechatronics. These modules serve to extend what they learn in their subjects and give students insight into the jobs and industries that they might be interested in. From Sec 2 to Sec 4, students can experience up to 3 EMs.  Students can also get to visit polytechnics and ITE, and take part in various post-secondary competitions. 

In addition, the school’s Education and Career Guidance Programme will support the Normal Course students to learn more about post-secondary options and career possibilities (see later section on Education and Career Guidance).


Care-Bean is an activity room tucked at a corner next to the school hall where students are welcome to drop and enjoy a healthy dose of fun activities to wind down and recharge.

It was first conceptualised as a community project, an outcome of a collaboration that the school undertook together with the Singapore Children's Society. Then, it was known as 'Project Cabin'. The school has continued 'Project Cabin' and reposition it as part of the school care effort. The space is now renamed as                     'CARE-bean Corner'

'CARE-bean Corner' remains an outreach platform, engaging our students through an array of student-centred activities. At 'CARE-bean Corner', we availed to our students fun and learning resources*,* like gaming consoles and board games. The school Care Team that is now running the space hopes to strengthen stronger school engagement for our students by providing a space that promotes healthy social interaction through fun and learning.