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News & Events

Bowen Experience Annual Open House on 16 November Saturday

We like to invite all graduating P6 students and your parents to make a date to visit Bowen Secondary on the 16th November for our annual open house. Here you can find out more about our school and our signature programmes. Also, Bowen Secondary is one of the 28 schools to pilot full subject-banding from 2020.

Event: Bowen Experience Annual Open House
Date: 16 November 2019, Saturday
Time: 0830am  - 1pm
(Principal's talk: 9am, 10:30am & 11:30am)

Piloting Full Subject-Based Banding starting 2020

Bowen Secondary is one of the 28 secondary schools selected by MOE to start piloting aspects of Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB) from 2020. For more information, please follow this link >>>

2019 GCE N Level Examination Schedule

The GCE O/N Level Examination Schedule can be found in the link below

Term 4 Block Revision Timetables for Sec 4/5

The implementation period for the respective groups is as follows:

4 N(T)
Thursday, 26th Sept to Friday, 27th Sept (Term 4, Week 2)
Monday, 30th Sept to Friday, 4th Oct (Term 4, Week 3)

4 N(A) 
Tuesday, 24th Sept to Friday, 27th Sept (Term 4, Week 2)
Monday, 30th to Friday, 4th Oct (Term 4, Week 3)

4 Exp / 5N(A)
Monday, 23rd Sept to Week 4 Friday, 11th Oct (Term 4, Week 2 onward)

4E4N5N Block Revision_Timetable_Class.pdf 

Sec 1 Timed Practice

Sec 1 students may access this link for timed practice assessments. Students are required to use their G-Suite accounts to login.

Direct School Admission (DSA) to Bowen

The annual DSA-Sec Exercise allows Primary 6 students to seek admission to a participating secondary school based on their talents and achievements before the release of their PSLE results. Students may consider applying for a secondary school through DSA-Sec if they are able to identify a school that offers a talent development programme in their area of strength, as well as commit to developing their talents in the chosen DSA area, in that particular school. 

If you are interested in seeking admission to Bowen, please refer to our DSA page >>>

"Learning for Life" Letters (Level/Stream-Specific)

The following letters (customised to level/stream) emphasises on the school's focus on Learning for Life (LFL), i.e. deep and authentic learning to help Bowenians become much more curious, creative, collaborative, and confident learners. It also contains information on the 2019 academic assessment criteria.

Sec 1:  1 EXP1 NA / 1 NT
Sec 2: 2 EXP2 NA / 2 NT
Sec 3: 3 EXP3 NA / 3 NT

Parent Gateway Mobile App : An appeal for all parents to install and register

The Parent Gateway (PG) Mobile App is a new digital platform developed by MOE to bring greater convenience to parents to perform administrative transactions and to stay updated on schools’ programmes and activities. From 2019, Bowen will be communicating with parents through the PG Mobile App. We like to ask all parents of Bowenians to install the app. The app is available at Google Play Store here or Apple App Store here
Important Links

The Singapore Student Learning Space

The Singapore Student Learning Space is an MOE platform that will support Teaching and Learning in all our schools. In particular, it will help empower our students to drive their own learning according to their needs and interests.
Please click here for more details >>>