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Direct School Admission for January 2019

Direct School Admission to Bowen (DSA)

DSA seeks to broaden the recognition of talents and achievements beyond academic grades. It presents an opportunity for students with such talents to be admitted into a school that can further hone their aptitudes and interests.   

Bowen Secondary welcomes students who are currently in Primary 6 (or the equivalent) to apply to our school under DSA for entry to Secondary 1 in 2019.  Bowen is committed to developing students to their fullest potential in both their areas of talent and their studies.    

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic programmes, as well as the programmes available to develop the area of talent.   

Bowen strongly encourages those with outstanding talents in the following areas to apply for admission:   ·         
  • Community & Youth Leadership
  • Business and Enterprise
  • Military Band
  • Badminton
  • Football

Community & Youth Leadership and Business and Enterprise tap on Bowen’s flagship, the Bowen ChANgeMaker Programme.  The Bowen ChANgeMaker Programme nurtures Bowenians to advocate social causes and become value creators for Singapore through a structured 4-year programme which involves them in authentic and relevant social needs in the community.

Selection Criteria

The candidate must have exemplary conduct in Primary school.

Area of TalentSelection Criteria
Community & Youth Leadership
  • Achievement/Experience in providing leadership in Values-in-Action (VIA) Programmes in primary school or in community organisations; OR

  • Participation in business and entrepreneurship programmes in primary school or similar experience in other significant platforms; OR 

  • Participation and/or recognition in projects and competitions related to design and invention
  • Must pass interview
Business and Enterprise 
Military Band 
  • Achievement / Awards at Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentations; OR

  • Minimum 2 years of playing an instrument or in a Music CCA; OR

  • Must pass audition and interview
  • Achievement/Awards in National Schools’ competitions / international competitions; OR

  • Participation at National Schools' competitions, Zonal, National or Club level;

  • Must pass selection trial and interview


  1. Applications are open with effect from Mon 7 May 2018.

  2. Please complete theApplication Form (Click to download)and attach photocopies of the following documents:
    • Result slips – Primary 5 Year-End Exams & Primary 6 Mid - Year Exams ·    
    • CCA Records ·    
    • Other supporting documents – eg, certificates of Music / Dance exams, Certificates of participation in international competitions.
    • Duly-filled Health / Student Profile Form (attached with application form)

  3. Please submit all documents by 3pm, Fri 20 July 2018.
    • by hand (preferred) OR
    • by post to the Bowen General Office 

  4. Applicants not studying in MOE schools must obtain a registration number from MOE Customer Service Centre, and then submit the relevant documents as outlined in S/N 2 (above) together with the form issued by MOE HQ with the Registration Number.

  5. Applicants must fulfill the age requirements for Sec 1 admission in 2019.
    •  Underage applications not allowed
    • SC/SPR applicants should not be more than 16 years old in 2019
    • International Students should not be more than 14 years old in 2019

Application Process

Bowen staff will contact shortlisted applicants to inform applicants of the specific date and time of the trial/interview.  To provide more timely service to applicants, we are conducting our selection in two windows.

DSA Application Flowchart.png
The school will issue letters to all shortlisted DSA - applicants to inform the outcome: 
(i) Confirmd Offer
(ii) Wait List OR
(iii) Rejected