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Bowen ParentLink

ParentLink-Icon.jpgParent volunteers play an important role in Bowen Secondary School and there are many volunteer opportunities during school hours. Be a part of Bowen Parent Link.

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Vision, Mission and Roles

We aim to be a supportive partner in education, to be the bridge between Bowenian Parents and the school and through our continuous visibility and activities, we inspire Bowenian Parents to be engaged and involved in their Bowenian Teens’ journey in school and life.

We work very closely with the school; we ensure that our activities and communications are aligned with the school’s objectives, and that we render support towards their initiatives and programmes to improve Bowenian Teens’ learning and growing journey.

  • Supportive Partner in Education 
    • We complement the school by aligning with their objectives, supporting and strengthening their programmes to improve Bowenian Teens’ well-being and learning. 
  • Bridge Between Bowenian Parents and School
    • We listen actively to Bowenian Parents on school’s operations, practices and programmes and we provide feedback to the school. 
    • We also facilitate school’s communication to Bowenian Parents. 
  • Magnet to Attract Other Bowenian Parents 
    • Through our activities, we aim to engage more Bowenian Parents to be involved in their Bowenian Teens’ learning and growing journey.

Main Activities

Bring Bowenian Parents together via:
  • Bi-monthly meetings 
  • Family Matters Parenting talks 
  • Parent-teen bonding activities and outings 
  • Regular gatherings and participation in school events


  • Opportunity to be more involved in school activities, e.g. exclusive invitation to attend school’s events.
  • Opportunity to be informed ahead on upcoming school directions and announcements, via ParentLink’s level chatgroups. 
  • Opportunity to participate, interact and learn from fellow Bowenian Parents in getto-know level sessions. 
  • Priority registration for all ParentLink activities that have maximum number of allowed participations.

  • All benefits as applicable to ParentLink Members. 
  • Opportunity to be invited to participate, interact and learn from fellow PSGians from other schools in the same cluster in networking sessions organized by Ministry of Education (at least twice a year).

2019 Bowen ParentLink Executive Committee Members

 Madam Soon Pei Pei
Emeritus Chairperson  Mr. Ivan Lim
Vice-Chairpersons  Mr. Lakshmanan Lakshmanan

 Madam Fahmita Parveen

 Madam Zee Kasnan
Secretary  Madam Cindy Chua
Asst. Secretary  Madam Joyce Ng
Treasurer  Madam Wendy Kuan
Asst. Treasurer  Madam Judy Koh Wai Mun
 Level Coordinators  
Level Coordinators Sec 1  Madam Hazel Tay Hwee Hwee
  Mr Ravichandran
Level Coordinator Sec 2  Madam Catherine Ng
Level Coordinator Sec 3  Madam Kong Wai Yee
Level Coordinator Sec 4 & 5  Madam Frannie Teh Swee Hian
 Public Relations Coordinators  
Public Relations Coordinator I  Madam Zahara Farouk
Public Relations Coordinator II  Madam Eunice Boh