Secondary 1 Year Heads (2021 Academic Year)

MS-BERNICE-TEY.jpgMrs. Bernice Kuan
Year Head
Secondary 1 ( 2021 Academic Year)

MS-TAN-SHUMING.jpgMs. Tan Shuming       
Year Head
Secondary 1 (2021 Academic Year)

2021 Sec 1 E-Registration on Bowen Microsite

A warm welcome to our 2021 Sec 1 students and parents to our Bowen family. 
Visit the Bowen E-Registration Microsite. to complete the E-registration and Sec 1 Camp declaration.
Website URL: https://sites.google.com/bws.edu.sg/2021-sec1-e-registration

Start Date : Wednesday, 23 December 2020
Start Time: 8am
Deadline for Completion of Registration : 1pm

For all students:

For selected students:
  • Submit Application for Higher Mother Tongue Languages (HMTL), by Monday, 28 December 2020, 10am. 
    Eligible students will be notified via Parents Gateway on 23 December if this applies.
  • Subject-based Banding Acceptance Letter, by Monday, 28 December 2020, 10am
    Eligible students will be notified via Parents Gateway on 23 December if this applies.
  • Application for Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) through the General Office as soon as possible and latest by Monday, 28 December 2020.
  • Request/Appeal for Transfer (In/Out)

Sec 1 Cohort Motto, Theme and Class names

2021 Sec1 Cohort Moto.png
Grow and Embrace change to become a Masterpiece

We strongly believe that each student is unique and is able to shine in his/her own ways. Given the appropriate rigour and support, every student is a valuable Gem and can become a Masterpiece. As such, we would like to introduce our class names, cohort motto and theme for the Sec 1s of 2021. 

The Sec 1 classes will be named after gems with the acronym “To SPARKLE” as we believe each class is a gem of its own and will sparkle in its unique way.

These gems are: 
Topaz, Sapphire, Peridot, Amethyst, Ruby, Kunzite, Larimar and Emerald.

The Secondary 1 theme will be based on our reinterpretation of the novel 'Wizard of Oz' written by L. Frank Baum: we envision our Sec 1 students, whom we will affectionately call “GEMies” in the “Land of Bowen”. 

With the support of their guardians, their Form Teachers, and a pair of Ruby shoes – a Growth Mindset - our GEMies will be empowered to reach their final destination – Emerald City.

Along their ‘yellow brick road’, our GEMies will experience their academic studies, CCAs and enrichment programmes. Our GEMies will discover their strengths, embrace change and diversity and forge strong friendships with other GEMies they meet along their journey.

At the end of their Bowen journey, we aim is that our GEMies will shine brilliantly, being imbued with deep life skills and lifelong learning skills, becoming a Masterpiece in his/her own right.

2021 Secondary 1 Form Teachers

Class Form Teachers Email Contact
1 TopazMs. Siti Hawasiti_hawa_abdul_hadi@schools.gov.sg
To Mr. Jackson Ngng_chip_khiang_jackson@schools.gov.sg
  Mrs. Chew Shi Hui (SH/VIA)chua_shi_hui@schools.gov.sg  
1 Sapphire Ms. Shi Mengchen shi_mengchen@schools.gov.sg
S Mr. Wilson Kohyeh_jie_wilson_koh@schools.gov.sg

1 Peridot Ms Anne Marie Chua 
P Ms Ler Kim Har 
 Ms Wirdawirda_mardiana_sanif@schools.gov.sg
1 Amethyst Mrs. Corinne Teo
A Mr. Randy Lowlow_chen_long_randy@schools.gov.sg
 Ms.. Beenabeena_rai@schools.gov.sg
1 RubyMrs Andrea Thoo kan_sok_may_andrea@schools.gov.sg
R Mr Chew Hui Jie 
1 KunziteMrs. Irene Leonglow_wai_wan@schools.gov.sg
KMdm. Dorothy Limlim_pei_ping_dorothy@schools.gov.sg 
  Mdm. Juriah Wati (SH/MTL)
1 LarimarMr. Ainsley Liew liew_en-li_ainsley@schools.gov.sg
LMs. Teo Jia Jia Teo_Jia_jia@schools.gov.sg
  Mr. Lim Kah Kiat lim_kah_kiat@schools.gov.sg
1 Emerald Mdm Angela Tan 
E Mdm Shameera
 Mr Paul Lim (SH/EL)lim_keng_soon_paul@schools.gov.sg