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2020 Booklists

LevelExpressNANA (SBB)NTNT (SBB)
Sec 1
1EXP Booklist 
1NA Booklist 
1NA (SBB) Booklist1NT Booklist
1NT (SBB) Booklist
Sec 22EXP Booklist
2NA Booklist
2NA (SBB) Booklist
2NT Booklist
2NT(SBB) Booklist
Sec 33EXP Booklist
3NA Booklist
-3NT Booklist
Sec 44EXP Booklist
4NA Booklist
-4NT Booklist
Sec 5-5NA Booklist 

You may download the List of Selling Dates (Textbooks and School Attire) here. 

*The Sec 1 booklists will be available only after the Sec 1 Registration and placement.