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Football (Boys)

Key Information
Mr. Winston Chua (i/c)
Mr. Sean  Clunies Ross (2nd i/c)
Mr. Khairul
Mr. Shahul Hameed
Training ScheduleC Division - Tuesday 3:15pm - 4:45pm

                      Friday 3pm - 4:45pm

B Division - Tuesday 4:15pm - 6:15pm

                      Friday 4:15pm - 6:15pm
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Football is one of the more popular sports in Bowen. Through the training sessions and matches, students learn to play competitive football and cultivate important life values like resilience, teamwork and respect. The boys receive professional coaching from head coach Mr Lim Queen Cher who monitors the team's progress as well as partners the team of football CCA teachers in building the students’ character. Since 2011, the Boys Football CCA has consistently achieved superb results in the Inter-Schools Football Competition, managing top 4 positions in the North Zone competitions in 2011 (C Div 4th), 2013 (B Div 3rd), 2015 (C Div 2nd) and 2016 (B Div 2nd).  

To ensure that all CCA members get a chance to represent the school in football, they are also regularly entered to participate in other external competitions (Street soccer, FUTSAL) organised by organisations like FAS, NTUC, S-League Clubs and welfare homes. Members identified to lead the CCA are provided leadership training by the Bowen Council Board and Outward Bound School; they are also afforded various opportunities to apply what they learn as camp facilitators, team captains and event co-ordinators. The Boys Football CCA also initiates VIA projects that has benefitted special needs children, the elderly and various charity organisations.