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Bowen Band (Display / Marching)


Key CCA Information

Mr. Herald Khoo(i/c))

Mrs. Irene Leon(2ᴺᴰ i/c)

Ms. Cecilia Yeow

Mr. Ainsley Liew

Ms. Lin Qianting

Ms. Lee Yu Jie

Mr. Melrichard Sng

Mr. Rhys Myfr Tomos

Training Schedule

Tuesdays: 3.15pm  to 6.00pm

Fridays: 2.15 pm to 6.00pm 


Band Room, Parade Square & School field

About the Bowen Band (Display / Marching)

The Bowen Band (Display / Marching ) is about respect, responsibility and resilience. It’s also about drive, determination and creativity. It is a manifestation of the school’s vision of shaping self-belief and aspirations. The Band has competed in regional band competitions such as Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 2009. World-class specialist-clinicians and instructors from Japan, the USA and other countries have also been invited to teach our band to enable our students to learn from top bands in the region. The Band has been conferred 13 consecutive gold award-equivalents for the past 26 years, and was one of only two schools to receive the Gold with Honours award in the SYF Central Judging for Display Bands 2010. 

In 2017, the band achieved its first Distinction in Concert Band and Percussion Ensemble in SYF Arts Presentation. The success of the Bowen Band is not only a reflection of the strong school culture and rich nurturing environment in the Performing Arts but also a reflection of the school’s strong beliefs in a rigorous and innovative values-based holistic education. This educational experience will shape students’ beliefs so that they will be ready to serve their communities, the Singapore society and fellow human beings in this globalised world.

In 2015, we performed as a guest band at the NCDCC Day parade, and were honoured to take part in the SG50 Youth Celebrate! and official opening of the new National Stadium. In 2016, we look forward to surpassing expectations at the SYF Arts Presentation for Display Bands, as well as taking part in a Parade of Bands along Orchard Road in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Singapore Youth Festival. 

The Band was awarded the Certificate of Distinction for the 2014 SYF Arts Presentation for Display Bands. Furthermore, the Bowen Band has been invited to perform in public and overseas events, such as the Taoyuan Band Festival in December 2013, and the SYF Celebrations at Gardens by the Bay in July 2014.