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Character and Citizenship Education

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)


Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is at the heart of education in Singapore. Through CCE, students learn values, social-emotional competencies, and develop character and citizenship dispositions that enable them to grow holistically and learn for life.

To help our students adapt to disruptions in a rapidly evolving world, the knowledge, skills, and values taught in CCE need to remain current and relevant. CCE 2021 has been developed with this in mind, to help our students navigate the realities of their time.

Goals of CCE 2021

Goals of CCE 2021.PNG

The Enactment of CCE

A holistic approach to CCE involves explicit teaching, and reinforcement and application of learning. Multiple learning platforms are tapped on to help students internalise values, social-emotional competencies, and citizenship dispositions. These platforms include CCE Lessons, key Student Development Experiences, and school-based initiatives. Key Student Development Experiences include Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Education and Career Guidance (ECG) experiences, National Education (NE) commemorative days, outdoor adventure learning cohort camps, student leadership development programmes and Values in Action (ChANgeMaker pgm).

The Bowen Experience (B.E) Map

The Bowen Experience B.E Map.png

The B.E. Map brings together greater coherence and alignment in the programmes and activities that contribute towards the holistic development of our students to achieve the school’s vision of Every Bowenian – a passionate Learner, Leader and Champion of character and life. It was centred on the values of the respective levels and had broad themes to guide the spiral approach of some programmes/activities.

The programmes/activities were split into 3 Tiers:
1. School-wide
2. Cohort-wide
3. Programmes/Activities for selected group/streams of Students

Cohort Focus

Sec 1

Sec 2

Sec 3

Sec 4/5











Explore and Embrace

Empower & Elevate

The Content Areas in CCE


What is refers to

CCE Lessons

·        Teaching of values, knowledge and skills for Character & Citizenship

School-based CCE

·        Values In Action (VIA)

·        Commemoration of National Education Day

(Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day)

·        Assembly Programme anchored on the school values

·        Environment Awareness Efforts

·        (Recycling and Keep Your School Clean daily area cleaning programme etc.)

·        Care and Inclusion Week

·        Cyber wellness Talks

·        Anti-Drug/ Anti-Bully Talks

·        Mental Wellness Talks

CCE Guidance Modules

·        Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

·        Sexuality Education (SEd)

·        Cyber Wellness (CW)

New Content Areas (w.e.f 2021)

·        Mental Health

·        Family Education