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Bowen Young Reporters

Student correspondents in Singapore submit articles to ZaoBao Comma on-line edition. Every Wednesday, selected articles are published. Bowen has about a growing number of articles published and some articles have even won awards.

#2016 Articles Date   Contributor
1博文O水准成绩历来最佳   (精选)3 Feb 2016王思远、姚景岚
21 Feb 2016王思远、姚景岚 
3.2016年联合学生通讯员录取名单公布9 Mar 2016SPH
414 April 2016张绮倩 (2E1)
5在学校办一场婚礼   (精选版)11 May 2016       张绮倩 (2E1)
 6北区男足决赛 博文不敌体校 (原创版) 30 May 2016  张绮倩 (2E1)      
 7博文男足虽败犹荣  (精选版)  20 July 2016  张绮倩 (2E1)   
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