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Information & Communications Technology

Every Bowenian a Future-Ready and Responsible Digital Learners. Bowen ICT Department aims to enhance our students’ learning experience through meaningful and impactful infusion of ICT into our structured programmes and curriculum. Bowenians have to stay current to the fast paced technological changes and 21st century skills should be developed in every Bowenian.

Use of Technology in Bowen

In Bowen, there are a range of shared devices (Tablets and Laptops) for students to use for their learning and research purposes in the school library and computer labs. Students can also login to the MOE School-wide-Wireless Network (SWN) to access the Internet.

Students are expected to Responsibly Use the school wired/wireless network for research and learning purposes only.

Student Login Accounts in Bowen

There are several on-line login platforms available for Bowenians.  Every student should be familiar with the platforms available and know their UserIDs.  Although some platforms share common UserIDs, not all UserIDs are the same.  

These tables list the various login platforms available for students. Examples of USERIDs are found in the examples below.


Devices /Platforms

User ID



SSOE/SSOE 2 Devices
Account Type: IAMS Student

NRIC/BC/FIN number

Eg. T0123456A

Laptops in Computer Labs/ Mobile Carts

Student IAMS Self-Reset Password link 
(Devices must be connected to SSOE network)


Segregated Wireless Network (SWN)
Account Type: IAMS Student

NRIC/BC/FIN number

Eg. T0123456A

Non-SSOE devices connecting wirelessly to school network such as own laptops, tablets.

Student IAMS Self-Reset Password link 
(Devices must be connected to SSOE network)


Learning Management Systems

  • Student Learning Space
    Account Type: SLS Student
  • MC-online
    Account Type: MC-Online
  • Ace-Learning
    Account Type: Ace-Learning

Hybrid Name and NRIC/BC/FIN number

Eg. AMYLI3456A

On-line learning platforms


Bowen Google Suite
Account Type: Google Suite Account

Hybrid Name and NRIC/BC/FIN number@bws.edu.sg

Eg. AMYLI3456A@bws.edu.sg

Google Suite for Education

  • SSOE-devices and SWN Wireless Student User ID In order to access school-based devices and the wireless network, students will be using their NRIC/BC/FIN number as the user ID.

  • On-line Learning Portals Accounts Student User ID In order to access online learning accounts, every student is given a unique User ID.  For security purposes, student User IDs are generated from the first 5 characters of their names and the last 4 digits and letters of NRIC/BC/FIN number.

Connecting to the Segregated Wireless Network (SWN)

Students may connect to the SWN Wi-Fi network to access the internet for learning purposes using their own devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones. *One device per login only.

To connect to SWN Wi-Fi:
  1. Select SWN@SSOE from available Wi-Fi network list
  2. Once connected, a default login page will be loaded on the device's Internet Browser.
  3. Login using your IAMS account. (Remember to check on the box to agree to the T&C.)
  4. Download and install the MOE-SSL certificate. (You only need to do so once.
    Note: You cannot login to more than one device using the same account at the same time. 

Disconnect from SWN Wi-Fi after use
Please remember to logout from SWN at http://portal.swn.moe.edu.sg when you have finished using the connection.

Student IAMS Password Reset

To reset the SSOE password, students may seek assistance via the technical helpdesk at the school library.