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The Principal's Foreword

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Mr-Liuearnler.pngSince I was young, I have loved stories, and I imagine most of us love stories too. Please allow me to tell you about the Bowen Story.

“Once upon a time, there was a Little Red Dot.  And in this Little Red Dot, there was a Little Purple Star.  The Little Purple Star was 36 years old and had grown from a humble and unassuming school in Ang Mo Kio, to a sought-after institution in Hougang with a distinct character of service to society.  

The Little Purple Star was filled with warm and caring teachers.  The teachers were united with one common purpose - to cultivate life-long learning, and strength of character and service to others in the students of the Little Purple Star. The students of the Little Purple Star lived out the motto 'I Believe, Therefore I Am.', reflecting their belief that they could fulfil their aspirations when they believed in their abilities and strove for excellence.

The Star championed all-round education, where students were challenged to strive for excellence. The Star’s flagship ChANgeMaker programme nurtured a spirit of service and empathy in every student, utilising Design Thinking protocol to better meet the needs of the beneficiaries of the Little Purple Star. 

The Star engaged students in learning through creative programmes such as LifeLit, a drama-infused English Language programme, and authentic fieldwork such as annual Historical and Geographical Investigations to sites of historical and geographical interest. The strong CCA culture provided a well-balanced and comprehensive co-curricular programme. The Star’s year-round Aforte programme broadened learning opportunities for Normal stream students through enrichment and elective modules.

Under the capable hands of the teachers of the Little Purple Star, the students thrived in the warm and caring culture, and were successful in studies and in life, living happily ever after.” 

The story of the Little Purple Star continues to be written out day by day. If you are interested to join the Little Purple Star, as a teacher or a student, write to us today!

Dare to Try,
Mr Liu Earnler