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Our Vision, Mission, Motto and Values


What drives us.

Every Bowenian a Passionate Learner, Leader and Champion.

Mission: Nurturing Learning. Developing Character. Inspiring Service.
We are committed to cultivating in Bowenians a mindset of life-long learning, strength of character and service to others that is consistent with our school values.

Motto: I Believe, Therefore I am.
We believe that our students will fulfil their aspirations when they believe in their own abilities and are determined to strive for success.

Our Values


The School Crest


The six arrows represent Bowen's Brand Personality of 

Passion, Genuineness, Benevolence, 
Confidence, Vibrancy and Imagination.

Skewed in one direction to create a notable rotation denoting the shaping of aspirations and self-belief, the six arrows converge to form a star, which symbolizes distinction through the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Resilience, Teamwork and Excellence.

Together with the corporate colours of Blue (Youth) and Purple (Passion). The distinctive logo epitomizes the harmonious balance between the left and right brain.