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Bowen Parent Link

ParentLink-Icon.jpgParent volunteers play an important role in Bowen Secondary School and there are many volunteer opportunities during school hours. Be a part of Bowen Parent Link.

Contact us today! Be a Parent-Volunteer.

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  Bowen ParentLink Key Personnel


Mr. Liu Earnler

  HOD-in-charge To be announced
  Teacher Co-ordinators Mr. Wilson Goy              
Mrs. Corinne Teo


  Committee Members

Chairperson Mdm. Soon Pei Pei
Emeritus Chairperson Mr. Ivan Lee
Vice-Chairpersons Mdm. Famita
  Mdm. Zee 
  Mr. Lakshmanan 
Secretary Mdm. Joyce Ng
Asst. Secretaries Mdm. Cindy Chua 
Treasurer Mdm. Judy Koh 
Asst. Treasurer Mdm. Amudha 
Mdm. Wendy Kuan
FAMILYmatters@school Coordinator  Mdm. Josey Koh
Level Coordinators  
Sec 1:  Mdm. Frannie Tay
Mdm. Catherine Ng
Mdm. Daphne Chong
Sec 2:  Mdm. Wendy Kuan
Sec 3:  Mdm. Akilandeswari
Sec 4:  Mdm. Inbavalli
Fathers@School Mr. Winston Chua