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Horizons Trips 2018: Briefing on 25th July for all ‘confirmed’ & ‘standby-reserve’ students
A briefing will be conducted for all ‘confirmed’ & ‘standby-reserve’ students on the 25th July 2018. Please note that attendance is compulsory. Please see Mdm. Juriah or Mrs. Chew if you have any questions.

Venue  : Hall
Duration  : 300 to 330pm
Date  : 25 July 2018 Wed

Invitation to Secondary 1 Parents to participate in MOE’s Parents Gateway Initiative
In order to strengthen communications with parents and guardians, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will in 2019 launch Parents Gateway (PG), a common digital platform made available to parents and guardians across all schools.  Bowen has been selected by MOE to participate in the pilot programme, which commences this month, July 2018.  We invite all Sec 1 parents and guardians to download the PG mobile app and set up a PG account. A letter has been issued with details and instructions.  While it is not compulsory at this point in time, PG will be rolled out to all parents in all schools next year, and hence your early participation will help you become familiar to the mobile app early.

Direct School Admission to Bowen (DSA)
Bowen Secondary welcomes students who are currently in Primary 6 (or the equivalent) to apply to our school under DSA for entry to Secondary 1 in 2019.  Bowen is committed to developing students to their fullest potential in both their areas of talent and their studies.
Bowen strongly encourages those with outstanding talents in the following areas to apply for admission: 
  • Community and Youth Leadership
  • Business and Enterprise
  • Military Band
  • Badminton
  • Football

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