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Key CCA Information
Teachers-in charge

Ms Jason Yap(i/c)

Mdm Angela Tan (2nd i/c)

Ms Kelly Goh

Mr Mohamad Salihin

Ms Nurzafirah Azahari

Ms Sim Sze Hwei (wef Term 2)

Training Schedule

 Friday : 2.30 to 5.30pm 


Computer Lab 2&3


AVA-Boys-at-he-control-Room.jpgThe AIMS club’s programme focuses on two areas namely the media skills and the audio-visual aid (AVA) skills. Students will go through a structured training in sound, lighting and projection system to effectively carry out AVA duties for all school events/functions. Besides training students to carry out AVA duties, the club also aims to equip its members with essential and relevant skills that would enable them to develop publications and video presentations. 

Students can also attend ICT workshops conducted by external organisations such as IDA and various Polytechnics to expose them to various innovations in the world of technology. In addition, students are groomed to be the Cyberwellness Ambassadors of the school.