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The overarching goal of mathematics education in the school is to provide our students with a good foundation in Mathematics that is necessary for problem solving as well as daily life application.  We strive to instil in our students the positive attitude towards the learning of the subjects.

Lower Secondary


Maths - Exp syllabus

Normal Academic

Maths - N(A) and SBB (Exp) Syllabus

Normal Technical

Maths - N(T) and SBB N(A) Syllabus

Upper Secondary


O Level Elementary Maths and Additional Maths Syllabus

Normal Academic

N(A) / O Level Elementary Maths and N Level Additional Maths Syllabus

Normal Technical

N(T) Maths Syllabus

Mathematics for all

All students are required to read Elementary Mathematics from Secondary One to Five, and mathematical-inclined students are offered to read Additional Mathematics when they advanced to Secondary Three. In line with MOE’s continual effort to improve educational programmes to better cater to students’ different needs, abilities and aspirations,  the Subject Based Banding (SBB) which starts at Sec 1 and SBB inserts at Sec 1 mid-yr and Sec 1 end-yr will give our Normal Academic and Normal Technical students more opportunities to be offered a more demanding course.

Teaching Pedagogy

The student is at the centre of our focus.  We look into the different learning needs and abilities of students in the school.  Through professional sharing, we discuss and explore teaching ideas and strategies which we can practice in the classroom to engage them.  E-learning is one of the ways of  learning Mathematics among our students.  Through e-learning, we believe that it helps to reinforce concepts learnt in the classroom as well as to enable them learn the subject at their own pace and space from the comfort of their homes.

We also have supplementary/ remedial lessons after curriculum hours to help selected students who are weak in the subject.  As part of the department’s strategy to prepare our students for their GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ Levels National Examination, we provide personalized consultation after school for our graduating classes as well as provide small group tutoring to those who need the extra help.