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Information & Communication Technology

Every Bowenian a Future-Ready and Responsible Digital Learners. Bowen ICT Department aims to enhance our students’ learning experience through meaningful and impactful infusion of ICT into our structured programmes and curriculum. Bowenians have to stay current to the fast paced technological changes and 21st century skills should be developed in every Bowenian.



Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors Program (CWSAP)

 Through the CWSAP, a team of secondary 2 and 3 students from AIMS Club, Drama Club and Library Club worked together to learn, plan and advocated the responsible use of technology. They participated in timely assemblies talks to remind students on dangers of the cyberspace and also advocate positive online habits and practices. Team also did a mini outreach program at the start of Term 4 to shared with their peers on important information on ICT usage in Singapore and also tips on becoming a responsible digital citizen.

Code for Fun AKA Code to do Good

 In Bowen we believe in the importance of developing computational thinking and problem solving skills among our students. In 2017, school started to embark on the journey providing learning opportunities for our secondary 1 students to learn coding. This is also part of our school’s efforts to support Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative. The code for fun programme hopes to achieve the above by coaching students on how to use and code different electronic components including the Micro:bit to solve real-life problems.  By applying their computational and design thinking skills to develop various prototypes, this programme not only help students realise that they have the ability to create realistic solutions but also inspire them to be innovators and inventors.