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Teachers-in charge:




Mr Justin Chong (i/c)

Ms Joyce Toh (2ᴺᴰ i/c)
Ms Tan Shuming (3ᴿᴰ i/c)
Mrs Wong Swee Keng 
Mrs Corinne Teo
Ms Wirda Mardiana

Training Schedule:


Monday:3:15pm to 6:15pm(Term1 week9 to Term Week 4);
Wednesday : 3.15 to 6.15pm , Friday 3.00-6.15pm

Venue:  ISH Level 1                    


Bowen Taekwondo Club (BTC) started in 2000 as a full-fledged CCA. The Korean martial art form, Taekwondo, emphasizes leg techniques and gravity defying aerial kicks. Therefore, BTC’s training revolved around two main activities: Poom Sae demonstration (Taeguk/Patterns Mastery or Mastery of martial art forms) and Sparring (Hand-to-Hand Combat/Unarmed Combat Mastery). Junior members start off with learning basic punches, kicks, blocks and stances and progress to unarmed combat. Advanced skills like jumping sidekick, jumping backthrust and the 360 degree kick are taught in upper secondary level where members may also train for tournaments. By the end of 4/5 years, members who have attained black belt level could become junior instructors or mentors to junior members. Besides coaching our students to attain perfection in Taekwondo skills, we aim to inculcate values such as respect, responsibility, care, self-control and resilience in our students. We also aim to foster team spirit and develop leadership qualities in them. To achieve these aims, Bowen Taekwondo Club is actively involved in school performances and service learning. In 2016 and 2014, we held a Values-In-Action (VIA) at SunLove Home. In 2015, we had a VIA at Sheng Hong Welfare and Services.  In 2013, we have collaborated with Ang Mo Kio Town Council for a Values-in-action project to serve the residents at Buangkok. Through experiences, students also learn to be humble and to contribute to the society. We look forward to you joining our CCA


2016 National Inter-School Taekwondo Championships Results


  • C Girls Poomsae Overall Championship - 2nd
  • B Girls Poomsae Overall Championship - 1st
  • C Boys Kyurogi Overall Championship - 4th
  • B Girls Kyurogi Overall Championship - 1st
  • B Boys Kyurogi Overall Championship - 1st



Yellow Tip Belt

4th - Chan Li En
3rd  – Sim Le Xuan 

Yellow Belt

4th  – Valeria Chee
3rd  – Carys Law

Green Tip Belt

4th – Sheralyn Tay
3rd – Quek Qin Yu 

Green Belt

1st – Casie Chua

Blue Tip Belt

4th – Allyson Ong
2nd – Lim Kai Jie


Blue Belt

4th – Mavis Ong
3rd – Poon Yen Ling


Red Tip Belt

4th Lim Kai Jie
3rd – Quek Qin Yu


B Division Girls Individual Poomsae Events

Yellow Tip Belt

3rd - Ang Xue Lin


Red Tip Belt

3rd - Aw Kai Lin
2nd - Abigail Sartin


C Division Girls Individual Poomsae

Blue Belt 

1st - Poon Yen Ling


Blue Tip Belt

4th - Allyson Ong
2nd - Lim Kai Jie

C Division GirlsTeam Poomsae Events

White and Yellow Tip Belts [*2 gold medals]

1st - Kenisha Chang, Lee Wai En, Chan Li En


Green Tip Belt

2nd - Jaslyn Neo, Angelyn Lee, Quek Qing Yu


Green Belt

1st-  Jocelyn Tay, Karyn Tan Loo Zhi Ying


Blue Tip Belt

1st Poon Yen Ling, Lim Kai Jie, Allyson Ong


Blue Belt

2nd, Mavis Ong, Lim Kai Jie, Poon Yen Ling


Red Belt

3rd-  Mavis Ong, Casie Chua, Allyson Ong


B Division Girls Individual Poomsae Events

Red Belt

4th - Celest Cheng

1st - Esther Chong


Black Tip Belt

4th - Vivian Chea

2nd - Esther Chong


Black Belt

1st - Chan Jin Hui


B Division Girls PoomsaeTeam Events

Blue Belt

2nd, Yeo Xin Yi, Aw Kai Lin , Mabel Lee


Red Tip Belt

2nd- Aw Kai Lin, Mabel Lee, Abigail Sartin


Red Belt and Black Tip Belts [*2 gold medals]

1st- Esther Chong, Vivian Chea,Celest Cheng


Black Belt

1st - Chong Siew Mun, Thong Ruijie, Chan Jin Hui


B Division Boys Individual Poomsae Events

Red Tip Belt

2nd - Edmund Wu


Black Belt

4th Willis Gunawan


B Division Boys Team Poomsae Events

Red Belt

1st - Karthig, Edmund Wu, Sherman Tan


Black Tip Belt

3rd- Karthig (3rd), Edmund Wu, Sherman Tan



Black Belt

1st-  Danish, Willis Gunawan, Bryan Ng


Day 3, C Division Boys Kyurogi Events

under 42kg
3rd - Park Seo Jean


under 58kg
3rd - Ng Jin Hong
2nd - Mhd Jasir


B Division Girls Kyurogi Events

under 44kg

2nd - Celest Cheng
1st - Esther Chong


under 56kg

1st - Eunice Chong


B Division Boys Kyurogi Events

under 68kg
2nd - Sim Jie Wei

 under 76kg
3rd - Aravind

B Division Girls Kyurogi Events

under 48kg
2nd - Beh Jia Hui

under 52kg
4th - Anisa 

under 60kg
1st - Siti Hazirah


Day 4, B Division Girls Kyurogi Events

under 44kg
4th - Jasmine Tan
3rd - Sharon Lee

under 56kg
3rd - Chua Hui Cheng

under 56kg
4th - Goh Hui Xin

2nd – Kelly Goh

B Division Boys Kyurogi Events

under 60kg
1st - Marcus Tan

under 64kg
1st - Terry Tan

under 72kg
2nd - Plua Jian Wei

under 76kg
1st - Sim Yao Wei

under 95kg
1st - Sebastian Chua