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Teachers-in charge:

Mrs Li Seow Koon (O.C)
Mr Chew Hui Jie (2ᴺᴰ i/c)
Mdm Ida Lim
Mr Muhammad Noor Hairil
Ms Estelle Chong

Venue : Classrooms

             Parade Square

Training Schedule:

Fridays : 2.15 to 6.30 pm



NPCC aims to complement the cadets' academic education by providing them with healthy group interaction and activities.

The diverse range of activities aims to develop cadets’ mental alertness, physical fitness, self-reliance, resilience and good characters.

NPCC activities include

·         Drills (Basic, Baton, Arms),

·         Shootings (0.22 revolver shoots in Sec 2 and 3),

·         Pioneering and Campcraft,

·         Courses (Cadet Leaders, SANA, Civil Defence, Police Procedures, Basic Laws, Home Front Security, Community Safety and Security Programme, Police Youth Ambassador, Leadership and Mentoring Supervisory)

·         Outdoor activities (Unit Camp for all, Adventure and Survival Camps for Sec 2 & 3).

·         Enrichment courses (Rock Climbing, Precision Drills and Air-Rifle Shoots).

·         Visits to Police Organisations (K9 Dog unit, Neighbourhood Police Centre, Police Heritage Centre and Home Team Gallery).

·    NPCC Overseas Educational Visits to Brunei and Hong Kong for outstanding Sec 2 and Sec 3 cadets.