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Boys Brigade


Teachers-in charge:


Mr Derrick Lim (i/c)

Mr Adrian Liang (2nd i/c)

Mr Ng Keng Kiat (wef Sem2)

Training Schedule:

Archery - Tuesday  : 3.15pm to 6.15pm

  Parade-sat 8.30 to 12.30pm (Friday 1-5pm)


Thrusday - Netball Court Extension

Saturday - Parade square / Science room



We seek to nurture boys based on values through a well-balanced programme, effective leadership of NCOs and officers, fostering close relationship amongst members, their parents, the church and the school. The Boys’ Brigade sets itself apart from the other uniformed groups by focusing on Social, Physical, Spiritual & Educational development. This has given our members an all-rounded personality. BB Boys will gain leadership skills as one progress through the ranks. A typical BB Boy can expect to stand as a Sergeant with glittering badges on a set of crisp blue uniform, leading a Company of Boys on parade. As a member of the BB, one will learn new skills, go on outdoor expeditions, archery sessions, biking expeditions and adventure, make new friends and develop confidence and challenges to their creative thinking skills. Member may also join our Archery Team which will compete in the National Competitions. The Company was awarded the JM Fraser Award for Excellence (Bronze).