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Bowen Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)


The key objective of our CCA programme is to build students' character and leadership. Through competitive training and service learning, our students imbibe core values and life skills such as integrity, responsibility, teamwork and resilience. We offer a generous spread of 27 CCAs (seven Sports & Games, six Performing Arts Groups, five Uniformed Groups, and nine Clubs & Societies), from which students can choose a CCA that caters to their interest and strength.


Bowen has established a tradition of excellence in the performing arts. For example, through our band niche programme, our students have ample opportunities and good facilities to develop their talent and pursue their interests. We also have a strong corps of five uniformed groups, which offer engaging programmes that develop our students' character and instill in them a service oriented mindset. In addition, we are committed to growing a vibrant sporting culture in the school and have identified badminton, girls' soccer, taekwondo and netball as key sports with the potential for excellence. Our clubs and societies are also emerging strongly e.g. the service club plays a pivotal role in promoting service learning through community partnerships among the larger student population, while our English and Tamil debaters are doing well in inter-secondary schools debating competitions.


To enable our talented students to benchmark their skills against overseas players and performers, we have put in place overseas exposure and immersion programmes for selected CCAs e.g. band (Nagoya), badminton (China), girls soccer (Malaysia). These overseas learning experiences have not only enhanced their skills, but also benefited their holistic development significantly.   


2017 Secondary One CCA Registration and MPS

Please note that students are to register online at  the following link

Registration Period: 10 Jan (Tue), 12:00pm to 15 Jan (Sun) 11:59pm.