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Physical Education

Our goal is to develop students physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally through physical activity.     

A cognitively and physically educated person is one who has necessary skills and knowledge in sports and games appropriate values and desirable social habits the required level of physical fitness that would lead  to

  • lifelong participation in wholesome, recreational and cultural activities
  • application of the lessons learned in their daily lives.


Over the 4-5 years in Bowen, our students will learn how to play a variety of sports and games, and maintain physical fitness. A cognitive approach is taken to enable our students to appreciate and understand the different sports. Through concept-based lessons, students are encouraged to think critically and creatively devising strategies for game play. It is also our aim to develop purposeful and stimulating lessons and activities that will strengthen our students’ affective and social skills, foster character building and cultivate the desirable qualities of sportsmanship.    

Besides the games & sports and outdoor education lessons, our students also go through a series of Physical Health and Fitness lessons that are designed to equip them with the relevant sports-related knowledge which will serve as a good foundation if they wish to take up  Exercise & Sports Science (ESS) as a GCE ‘O’ Level subject in Upper Secondary.


Our students undergo continuous assessment of their level of competency in understanding and application of game skills and concepts, fitness level and their capacity to demonstrate sportsmanship and good values. 

All our students are encouraged to achieve a good PE grade based on the following components:
  • Game Skills and Concepts
  • Physical Health & Fitness
  • Outdoor Education Skills
  • Social and Emotional learning